Caring for clients can bring great rewards

The value of your advice should never be underestimated. Brokers can provide clients with the right products to protect them from events that could devastate them or their families financially - something few industries can do.

Two years ago, I received a call from my tenants explaining they had arrived back from holiday to find water dripping through the kitchen ceiling.

Our tenants were unable to explain the full extent of the leak so, because our buy-to-let had previously been our family home, I rang our old neighbours and asked them to pop round to see them.

Thirty minutes later a fireman called back. He said he was pumping water out of the ground floor and the house was a write-off. The leak turned out to be caused by a split mains water feed pipe which had been spurting out water for nearly the whole week the tenants had been on holiday.

But my broker had made sure I had the right cover which ensured the rebuild and the loss of rent were covered.

I often write about the benefits of looking after your clients by using a robust customer relationship management system because what you have to offer is hugely important to them.

Being able to identify which of your clients does not have adequate general insurance could be a financial life saver.

Not only does it give you a chance to speak to your client every year and maintain a relationship with them, it also can open up many new opportunities.