Barclays to give brokers an underwriter per case

Barclays has announced that it will assign a specific underwriter to each mortgage application that brokers submit.

From today, brokers will be called by a Barclays underwriter after submitting each case to discuss the application.

They will also be given the underwriter’s direct number so they can contact them if they need to discuss the case further.

Previously, brokers would have had to deal with different members of the underwriting team rather than a specific individual for each case if they wanted to speak to an underwriter.

David Finlay, intermediary managing director at Barclays, says the move will make the application process smoother and speedier, and is part of its drive to improve relationships with intermediaries.

He says: “We have listened to brokers about the improvements we could make and this announcement ensures they have access to the person who will make the
important lending decisions.

“We believe this will give them clarity in seconds.”

David Sheppard, managing director of Perception Finance, says this is an unusual step for a lender to take and will make doing business easier as long as it has been well thought through.

He says: “Generally, it is difficult to get through to an underwriter directly, so it’s a positive move as long as the underwriters have enough time to field a high volume of calls.

“If one underwriter is working on 100 cases or more you have to ask how readily available they will be and whether this will affect service levels.”