Home Buyer Systems offers free trial to Encore users

Following the demise of Mortgage 2000’s Encore sourcing system, Home Buyer systems a sourcing, sales and compliance system for mortgage and general insurance brokers – is offering a 30 day free trial of its HBSLite system to all Encore users.

HBSLite uses whole-of-market mortgage product data supplied by Defaqto, and includes a set of sales tools, including taking credit and debit card payments, fee justification, admin systems, and help guides on strategy.

Richard Angliss, managing director of Home Buyer Systems, says: “The closure of Encore, together with the recent closure of Mform indicate that consumers still want to seek the assistance of an Adviser, but sourcing systems with direct-to-lender products are no good, without an integral sales system.

“Encore users are being offered a transfer to Mortgage Brian – however Mortgage Brian only sources intermediary products, which currently make up only 17% of all mortgage products above 75% LTV.

“Advisers that wish to describe themselves as “whole-of-market” are now increasingly looking for a sourcing system that covers direct-to-lender products as well as intermediary products, so many ex-Encore users will no doubt be taking this opportunity to look further afield for a fully comprehensive sourcing and sales system.”

“Our 30 day trial period, exclusive to ex-Encore users, gives them the opportunity to carry on sourcing in the manner they have become accustom with Encore but in HBSLite they will have the means to a success post credit crunch sales strategy. We are confident that it will provide a useful contribution in the current marketplace.”