Forum sounds call to action to speed up buying process

The E-Homebuying Forum has released an industry blueprint to speed up and simplify the house buying process.

The forum brings together firms and individuals with a commercial interest home buying and selling.

The blueprint aims to bring greater transparency to the process, with a more concentrated focus on technology.

E-Homebuying Forum has branded the document as a “strategic high level call to action for government and industry.”

Mark Riddick, chairman of the forum, says: “For too long buying or selling a home has been slow and unpredictable.

“Our aim is to outline the requirements needed to achieve faster certainty for all parties so that buying a house is no longer the headache that it used to be.”

He adds: “Consumers should be able to manage everything through their computers.

“The forum envisages an environment where with just a few clicks of the mouse consumers would be able so see how far along the process is, what needs to be done next, and who needs to do it.”