We’re here to help intermediaries, not compete with them

In response to the letter titled ’Let us professionals dish out the advice, Goldsmith Williams’ in the last issue (Mortgage Strategy August 16), I think the writer misunderstood Goldsmith Williams’ intentions when they suggested that we should stick to conveyancing rather than offer financial advice.

The purpose of our statement about capitalising on remortgage opportunities was that there are still pockets of opportunity despite the reported downturn in volumes of remortgage business. And then Goldsmith Williams can help, with our fee-free conveyancing deal.

As lawyers, we’re not authorised to provide financial advice but we can help brokers increase their business volumes by providing competitive conveyancing deals, which is what our statement was all about.

Don’t worry – we’re happy to stick to the knitting and focus on our core business of conveyancing. We’re here to help, not compete with brokers.

Eddie Goldsmith
Senior partner
Goldsmith Williams