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CONGRATULATIONS! Mole would like to offer huge congratulations to online editor Natalie Martin who last weekend became Mrs Thomas after
marrying fiancée Kevin. The blushing bride has been a barrel of nerves the last few months as all her best laid plans seemed to be hit by one hiccup or another, culminating in her place of worship – bridal shop Confetti – going into administration.

Natalie’s choice of location appeared to be cursed too as the picturesque Cumbrian countryside has been plagued with disaster after disaster over the last 12 months, from flooding to bus crashes to full-on massacres. But thankfully everything went to plan on the day and the Strategy crew were able to dart up to Cumbria to join in the celebrations.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Thomas!

BOXING DAY London & Country staff took part in a charity boxing match recently to raise money for Diabetes UK.

The contestants were Aaron Lyall, Stuart Kemp, David Allan, Jason Pierpoint, Mark McLeod, Adam Cozens, Andrew Whitmore, Mark Hawthorn, Al McKee and Ryan Boyd.

Boyd organised the event which was attended by hundreds of fight fans and refereed by a former world champion. “It was a tremendous effort and not without sacrifice – even a dislocated shoulder didn’t stop one contender fighting on,” says David Hollingworth, head of communications at L&C.

The event raised £8,695 but you can still show your support by visiting yanboydcharityboxingevent