Standard proc fees will demonstrate we are impartial

With regard to the proc fee debate I am against a ban on proc fees. It is a fee that lenders pay to brokers to deal with applications and customers on their behalf.

I do think a consistent proc fee, say 0.5%, across the board for every lender, will show customers that intermediaries are impartial.

If customers can afford to pay this 0.5% fee themselves, they can do so and have the fee passed back to them by the lender. They can then choose any lender in the country and direct products.

A ban on dual pricing would lead to a neutral playing field, where everyone pays each other the same and everyone can offer the same products. This then counteracts any examples of cases being placed to the highest bidders.

Is it me or is this not the most simple solution to anyone apart from the shareholders of the banks that lose their cross-selling GI sales?

Jonathan Gili-Ross