Rewarding brokers who are best in class


As a man who undertakes a month of research prior to selecting my fantasy football team, you could say I have some competitive blood in me.

Unfortunately, we can’t always be the best in all our endeavours, as last year’s points total proved, but it’s nice to achieve recognition in areas we are passionate about.

Operating in the intermediary market over the past few years has made us all take a hard look at ourselves on a personal and business level.

While some have fallen by the wayside in a business sense, many have emerged stronger. Indeed there is some justification to suggest that those remaining could be described as ’best in class’.

It’s clear brokers have proved innovative. There remains a wealth of talent in the market and it’s time we recognised and rewarded it. So in line with the Barclays Premier League season kicking off, we are delighted to team up with Mortgage Strategy to launch Top of the League, starting on August 30.

Each month Woolwich’s talent scouts will hunt out a star player and manager who deserve recognition for producing excellent results. After being judged by an expert panel, a player and manager of the month prize – which will be the same trophy the premiership players and managers receive – will be awarded to the winners.

Many say this Premiership will be more open than previous years, let’s hope so. And let’s hope competition in the intermediary market also hots up as the season progresses.