Week in numbers

141% – The amount self-build mortgages are expected to increase by over the next three years, according to a report by the National Self-build Association.

17% – The percentage of 1,000 people who told Infosecurity Europe that they would not be able cope without the internet.

1.8% – The amount the Office for National Statistics says that UK retail sales volumes rose in March.

£113 – The amount Lloyds TSB estimates UK consumers’ spending for non-essential items fell in March.
46p – The difference between the most expensive country for a litre of petrol – Italy at £1.53p – and cheapest – Romania at £1.07p – as revealed by Confused.com. Britain came 9th at £1.39p.

£36bn – The amount British Airways and American Express estimate Brits will spend on holidays in 2012.

£104.39 – The average saved per month by Brits who plan their finances rather than the £53 saved on average by those who worry.

£750,000 – The Ofcom fine on home insurance and repairs company HomeServe last week for excessive silent calls to consumers.