Your Broker Network offers help to mortgage brokers

Following the recent closure of some packagers within the sub-prime market, secured loan packager Your Broker Network is opening its doors to mortgage brokers who are unable to place business.

Graeme Ward, business development manager of Your Broker Network, says: “In recent weeks we have lost some major packagers in the non-conforming market and this has left hundreds of introducers with nowhere to go with their secured loans.

“We can offer a solution to their problems at Your Broker Network as we have a large panel of secured loan lenders with LTVs up to 95% and will be more then happy to offer assistance where ever needed.”

Your Broker Network specialise in the introduction of secured loans to mortgage brokers.

Ward adds: “We understand that Secured loans can be difficult for Mortgages Brokers to arrange and we can offer assistance with these deals and provide support where ever needed.”