Seven out of ten brokers can’t place deals

Nearly 70% of UK brokers have been unable to source mortgage deals for their clients in the past two months, reveals a survey from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association.

The principal reasons reported are tightened lending criteria and the increase in deposits required as LTVs have been cut – both mentioned by 51% of respondents.

Second in line, 23% of brokers cited withdrawal of or lack of products as the impediment.

The problem has been encountered across all product types, with remortgages mentioned by 72% of respondents – reflecting the high level of demand for such products.

This compares with 54% who were unable to source a loan for a first time buyer and 50% for a sub-prime borrower.

Over a quarter of respondents had trouble placing even mainstream mortgage business.

Peter Williams, executive director of IMLA, says: “Our survey shows how brokers continue to battle to satisfy their customers, but the lack of availability of product is affecting all parts of the market.

“It reveals how essential it is for the Bank of England and the government to work to ease the liquidity crisis in the market. The announcement of the extension of the SLS by the Bank was good news, but we need to see measures that will help the whole market rather than just a sub-set.”

Williams says it is vital that the industry is built on a level playing field and that all categories of mortgage provider, including specialist lenders, have access to funding that will help ease the log-jam for brokers and their customers.

But Bob Riach of Riach Independent Financial Advisers tells Mortgage Strategy: “I have no problems placing mainstream mortgage deals and am, able to place 99% of all deals.”