MS columnists should stop pointing the finger at Brown

Is your publication a political magazine? Do you take backhanders from disgruntled Tories? I read Mortgage Strategy most weeks and during the property boom that lined the pockets of many of your columnists, I didn\'t see a regular spot to hail former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

I see current PM Gordon Brown’s name in print in the magazine more often than I do in my daily newspaper. Edeus managing director Alan Cleary declares that Laurel and Hardy are running the country (Mortgage Strategy September 8). Thank heavens he’s not in politics because I’ve dealt with his firm in the past.

Consumers must take some blame for overstretching themselves and lenders should not delude themselves that they have a licence to print money.

I am 33 and do not have a mortgage yet as I cannot afford one. I also don’t lend money to complete strangers with no evidence of earnings. Experts should get their own houses in order before they start playing the blame game.

Claire Poland

Financial services supervisor