Mortgageforce sees record business enquiries

Mortgageforce’s centrally generated new business has doubled in the last three months.

As a result of a number of contracts with corporate partners, demand for remortgage and purchase advice is at an all-crunch high for the firm.

Rob Clifford, CEO at mortgageforce, says: “Our national presence and reputation continues to facilitate new sources of customer referrals we need to service.

“Given that consumer activity in the market has slowed in overall terms, this clearly means that we are winning considerably more market share.

“In this climate, access to highly convertible new business opportunities for brokers makes the difference to who flourishes and who folds.”

With AR networks falling in size and number, mortgageforce says franchising is a proven alternative that combines the freedom of equity ownership for the broker, with central marketing and customer flows which would normally only be expected through a traditional employed route.

Clifford adds: “The franchised model allows us to offer brokers the technical experience and marketing of a great brand and a consumer awareness we’re very proud of.”