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Hush Hush

High Ho Mawdsley

John Mawdsley admitted defeat this month and decided to leave the mortgage industry.

To many, Mawdsley is the face of not only The Mortgage Partnership but mortgage association AMPD, so it came a surprise to Hush Hush to hear he would now be concentrating on his equestrian work and motor racing.

While many of us will find it hard to imagine Mawdsley saddling up and taking to the hills, or indeed the race track, we wish him the best of luck.


As the credit crunch takes its toll, it seems mortgage brokers and packagers have been using Facebook to vent their anger.

More than 4,500 members have joined the Facebook group entitled, Sub-prime Mortgage Industry RIP, with industry guru Terry Pritchard being one of them.

It advices to wave goodbye to and shed a tear for the sub-prime mortgage industry.

But if that group seems a bit too restrained for you, how about joining, The Mortgage Industry Stinks of poo, which has 204 members, many of which are from our friends in the US.

It says it is for all those who are currently affected by the s***** market conditions and are in fear of loosing the jobs they love.

Hush Hush hopes the mood lightens up on Facebook, and advises everyone to join the Ray Boulger Fan Club instead.

Dating dilemma

With all the talk of diversifying at the moment, it seems the advice has not fallen on deaf ears.

Hush Hush is starting to wonder if PRs are also starting to branch out, after receiving a press release, which also looked like it could double up as a dating advertisement.

A press release from Bananas Inc about the appointment of Nicola Leonard as an underwriter also included the facts that Nicola was aged 21, lives in Gosport and is single, and attached a photo to the release, just in case there’s any single packagers out there.

Battle of Wikipedia

After it was highlighted at the recent Mortgage Packager Summit that there was no definition on Wikipedia as to what a mortgage packager is, packagers the land over have been hard at work trying to rectifying this.

Hush Hush believes that Pink was the first to try its hand at the definition. However, because anyone can amend it, KGB changed a few words to make it reflect themselves, which was quickly amended back again by Pink.

As it stands, the last time the Wikipedia definition was updated was on Saturday, March 15 at 8.35pm, Hush Hush knows times are tough for packagers at the moment, but surely there must be better things to do on a Saturday night.

Having a laugh

Speaking at its annual conference, Richard Griffiths, chief executive of Network Data Holdings revealed that it will be releasing its results for 2007 on April Fools Day, but assured its Appointed Representatives that they would be no practical joke. However, for those that were feeling uninspired, the network brought along inspirational speaker Joe Simpson, author of Touching the Void. Simpson, who famously nearly fell to his death while rock climbing explained to the crowd that anything is possible, and though you may seem defeated there is always a way to triumph, no doubt a message that wasn’t lost on many in the room.

Guilt trip

Kevin Patterson, group commercial and marketing director at Enterprise Group put everyone to shame at the Mortgage Packager Summit in Monte Carlo when he took to the stage. Patterson took the microphone on the last night of the event to reveal that despite having a false foot he would be taking to the streets of Berlin with fellow members of Rob Jupp’s Army to try and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. With everyone making their excuses as to why they couldn’t run, Patterson defiantly said that if he could do it then anybody can do it.


Unified body in prospect as PMPA bows out

Packagers are a step closer to having a single trade body after the Professional Mortgage Packagers Alliance announced its decision to leave the market last week.

Hotshot Palin puts igloo issue on ice

With moose and bear shooting high on pro-life US Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s priority list it’s not surprising that the Bush administration is trying to fix the US housing market with its nationalisation of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ahead of the presidential elections in November. As Barack Obama’s running mate Jo Biden has […]

Landlords not selling up says ARLA

Over three quarters of those questioned for the third quarter Association of Residential Lettings Agents Review and Index say they will not sell their investments because of falling house prices.


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