Complaint against Connect proc fee payment is not valid

In the September 15 issue of Mortgage Strategy a letter from Laraine Adams criticised the service she had received from Connect Mortgages.

I thought it only right to give our side of the story. First and most importantly, Adams was paid 11 days after payment was received from the lender. This is five days outside our normal terms – hardly a lengthy delay, although we apologise for it.

The payment-on-offer proc fee promotion that Adams referred to regards a Halifax payment. Halifax pays all distributors on or around the 16th of each calendar month for the previous month’s completions, so it is normal to wait around a month post-completion for the lender’s proc fees.

Adams states that she is still waiting for payment but in fact she has received it as well as all other outstanding payments on our system.

For the past five years we have successfully operated our own automated payment system, which has been regarded as one of the quickest in the market.

Unfortunately we have had problems with the software and as a result have been making manual payments for several weeks. This has resulted in some delays.

We have kept customers up-to-date with progress and will be back to normal by the end of next week.

But we don’t owe Adams anything. Despite her complaints all outstanding payments have been made.

Tony Webster

Chief executive officer

Connect Mortgages

By email