The Mortgage Mole

Politics of Dancing At a time when the country needs economic guidance more than ever, one would hope that those charged withleading us out of the mess would possess certain skills.

The ability to think innovatively without misjudging risk, for example, is a desirable quality and of course a thorough understanding of the way our economy works is a must-have.

What one doesn’t require is the ability to perform a perfect paso doble and a talent for the tango.

But that may be what we have as business secretary Vince Cable has been confirmed for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special. Cable says he hopes he “can inspire others to get up and

do something they have always wanted to have a go at”.

Mole hopes he’s referring to the dancing and not the economy, or we’d have any Tom, Dick or Harry having a go. Or George for that matter.

Cocktail Calamity Mole joined Strategy hacks Robert Thickett and Natalie Thomas in a cocktail-making class last week, courtesy of Barclays. But Mole wonders whether letting them mix their own was the best idea as Thomas and Thickett appeared at work the next day bleary-eyed and clutching red bulls.

“Spare a thought for David Finlay,” a worse-for-wear Thickett told Mole. “He had to give a speech at the CML conference the next day.”