Set your sights on Gambia as next property hot spot

For Britons wanting to invest in property, this relatively little known West African country is the place to look


Last year I took my golf clubs for two weeks of R&R in Greece and late one night when I was tired and emotional, I agreed to a day trip to Albania.

On my return to Blighty some of you may recall that I enthused at length about Albania being possibly the next European property hot spot.

Of course, I couldn’t have foreseen the downturn that has brought the property market to a shuddering halt in Spain and Portugal. But I was right about Albania, where the biggest investors over the past 12 months have been the British.

So with my reputation intact and as my devotion to duty knows no bounds, I will now tell you where there is a little bit of paradise that’s almost unknown and will in time be a bigger draw for British overseas investors than any of the countries mentioned.

The country I am referring to is stable and has a virtually crime-free society. Here, £100,000 will buy you a six-bedroom villa in as many acres as you want with a swimming pool and tennis courts. You can purchase with no deposit and pay off the balance over the next five years interest-free.

There is a bit of paradise that’s almost unknown and will be a big draw for investors from Britain

It’s less than a six-hour flight from the UK and the monthly average temperature doesn’t fall below 29°C and never rises above 34°C. The official language is English and every road sign, menu and document is written in English.

There is no time difference and the beaches are empty. The people are hospitable and Muslims and Christians happily inter-marry.
It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

The place I am referring to is the Republic of The Gambia in West Africa (pictured) where I have just returned from having had a magical holiday.
The Gambia is almost unknown but the government has plans to develop coastal areas for residential investment. The current president and government have been in power for 10 years and are greatly loved by the locals.

OK, not everything works and the infrastructure doesn’t resemble the M4. Some of the niceties of life such as running water you can drink

aren’t available, but this is still a developing third world country.

The will is there to make The Gambia a home from home for northern Europeans.

If I was right about Albania then I’m even more right about The Gambia. It may take 10 years for me to be proven to be correct but I will be – wait and see.