Beware the risks of mobile technology


In the 1980s mobile phones changed the world – suddenly deals could be sealed on the move. Since then technology has progressed so communication and data transference is instant.

Now we have tablet technology and touch-screen personal computers are revolutionising the way we distribute information.

Applications allowing businesses to tap into the tablet world are springing up daily but it’s essential they don’t leave you open to security breaches.

Vex Mobile – our iPad compatible platform – allows lenders to distribute valuation instructions to surveyors while they are on the move, collating the valuation data and sending it back to lenders. It’s vital for lenders that this data is secure and not open to fraud.

As well as encrypting data transfers and updating codes every day, individual tablets must only be accessed by verified users authorised to access data via IP address verification.

In providing residential property information and automated valuations for Vex Mobile, Rightmove will provide checks against potential frauds.

We will integrate our fraud detection tool with Rightmove’s fraud alert system. No doubt others will be keen to work with us and give lenders even more support in this area.

Technological advances have always been at the heart of business progress and the growth of mobile technology will be no different, but managing risk needs to remain a priority for all businesses.