Nurture your leads for long-term value


It’s easier than ever to get new clients. The internet and lead generation mean you can now get leads that may evolve into clients at the touch of a button.

Of course, buying leads is just another form of marketing, albeit it’s one that allows you to target who you speak to.

But it must be stressed that a lead is just that – a lead. It’s a potential client rather than guaranteed business or even a guaranteed appointment.

A lead is a consumer who has shown interest in getting advice on a certain product or who wants advice in response to a changed circumstance in their life.

And like all the potential clients you speak to across all your marketing activity, their expectations and what they can get in reality can differ.

Sometimes clients misjudge the value of their homes, how big a deposit they can raise or how quickly they can take out a product.

But even if they just want a quote a lead is still a positive sign as it shows they are interested in changing their financial circumstances and they have expressed an interest in you helping them do this.

From this point on, attitude and approach are everything. Some advisers write off consumers who just want a quote while others see them as a long-term business opportunity.

The long-term approach seems to be paying off for many. I’m increasingly speaking to advisers who say that they are now reaping the rewards from leads they purchase several months ago and nurtured.