Cover stories don’t have to end badly


Television soap operas have always provided a platform for discussing topical social issues or raising awareness of a particular subject.

For example, consider recent episodes of Coronation Street. The latest story line sees one character who is heavily in debt attempting to fake his own death.

The plan is that his wife will claim on the life insurance policy, pay off the loan sharks snapping at their heels and join him in his exotic hideaway.

Of course, everyone knows it will end in tears but it wouldn’t be a soap if it didn’t have a dramatic storyline and a morally instructive message.
The subject of life insurance has been covered many times on TV but for the purposes of creating dramatic entertainment it is always sensationalised and embellished.

The Corrie character mentioned above did at least take the first steps in getting his life cover arranged but if he had spent a bit of time with an IFA he might have been advised to take out income protection.

And if he’d had the right financial foundations in place to begin with he may not have had to take such extreme measures.

Many individuals spend a lot of time thinking about their financial situation but few get round to doing anything about it, believing the process will be too time-consuming or confusing.

But in the time it takes to watch an episode of their favourite soap they could have talked to an adviser and got some sound guidance on their protection needs.