Mortgage Mole: Like a glove


Like a glove 

The folks at Mortgage Brain may have inadvertently stumbled across the next big innovation in mortgage sourcing.

As Mole reported earlier this month, the mortgage technology giant put out a cheeky April Fools’ Day prank claiming to have developed the market’s first mortgage sourcing glove. It promised users a truly ‘whole-of-market sourcing capability at their fingertips’.

But what the tech gurus did not count on was that there is actually demand out there for a sourcing system that fits in the palm of your hand, leading some mortgage folk to call and enquire.

Mortgage Brain boss Mark Lofthouse told Mole: “Following the foolish announcement of the Mortgage Brain sourcing glove, we’ve received enquiries from the UK and Ireland asking for demonstrations and costs.

“We’ve also been asked if there are both left- and right-handed versions. I’m sure this will be a reality one day – it’s only a matter of time!”


Easter EGG-citement 

While some in the industry took advantage of the nice Easter weather and long weekend by taking off for a few days’ break – Mole certainly did – others chose to while away the hours in a slightly off-beat fashion.

Mr Personality of the Year (aka Precise Mortgages’ Roger Morris) decided it would be fun to dress up his 100kg Irish Wolfhound, Leo, as the Easter Bunny (see this week’s Caption Competition).

Mole is sure Roger is not the only person in the industry who likes to dress up his animals, so let’s have those pics, people. Maybe matching outfits? After all, they do say pets begin to resemble their owners, don’t they?