The Mortgage Works doesn’t work particularly well for me

From John Nicholls

I am writing to ask if anyone else has suffered at the hands of The Mortgage Works.

I have placed my first and hopefully last case with the company and have never dealt with such incompetence in all my broking life of some 17 years.

I submitted the case and was then told by email that my clients were not on the electoral register. Therefore, extra address verification and a letter of explanation was required.

I contacted my client and they insisted they were on the electoral register. By chance, an election in their area meant they had just received voting cards, which were duly forwarded to TMW.

TMW also asked for ID and address verification. But it already had these – I always send these documents by recorded delivery and had signed for them.

But that made no difference to TMW and I still had to send along replacements rather than one of the company’s highly efficient and superbly trained members of staff going and looking for them.

I have never been kept up-to-date as to the stage at which my case is at and have found that trying to call the company is a complete waste of time as the phone is always busy.

On the two occasions that I have managed to get through to a human being, I have voiced my concerns over