Park Row teams up with business school

Financial advice group Park Row has teamed up with international business school Ashridge, to develop a pre-retirement programme.

The programme is aimed at senior executives of medium and larger companies, who are approaching retirement. Partners are also invited to attend as retirement issues and decisions will affect them as well.

The sessions will be led by expert speakers on financial issues from Park Row and on health and lifestyle from Ashridge. One of the speakers is John Neal. Neal is a regular media presenter and has worked with many corporate customers throughout the world, ranging from the BBC to leading public and private companies.

Neal has been adviser to the England and West Indies Cricket Boards and is currently advising the MCC at Lords. He is also director of the World Class Rugby coaching programme at Ashridge which is part of the Ashridge initiative for sports business. He is a retained tutor at Ashridge and consultant to the London Business School and Henley Management College.

Mike Baggaley southern regional sales manager at Park Row says: There are several companies currently offering pre-retirement programmes, but the programmes vary enormously in quality. Park Row is as committed to continued education as Ashridge, so together we are in a strong position to ensure that people attending the courses receive advice and assistance of the highest quality in terms of both content and presentation. We have several courses already booked for 2006, and will be planning more.

In addition to the open courses, Park Row is able to provide bespoke courses for medium to large companies that have several employees reaching retirement age.

The residential seminars will take place at Ashridge, where delegates will be able to enjoy the sporting and leisure facilities that Ashridge has to offer and will also be given a full fitness assessment.