Let’s give praise where it’s due – Northern Rock did me proud

From Brian Melling

Northern Rock has been in the firing line regarding its service recently. To balance out this criticism a bit, I’d like to point out that I sent an application online to Northern Rock on October 12 and received a faxed offer on the October 22. That’s 10 days in total, and not all of those were working days.

I then submitted a case online on November 3 and received a fax offer on November 11. I have never had a problem contacting the helpline and find their staff helpful.

My local BDM is always on hand to listen and advise when criteria are uncertain.

In fact, I personally remortgaged to NR earlier this year.

Lender service is often poor and we should speak out but let’s not wait for annual awards ceremonies to tell lenders when they get things right. Well done, Northern Rock. Be sure to keep up this standard.

Brian Melling