IFS develops commercial exam

The Institute of Financial Services is developing a standalone qualification in commercial mortgages – the certificate in commercial mortgages.

The qualification is being developed in partnership with the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and was unveiled recently at the association’s annual general meeting.

Keith Heron, chief executive of the NACFB, says: “The IFS’s certificate in commercial mortgages provides an excellent grounding for anybody wanting to give advice on commercial mortgage products, and it will be promoted to NACFB members.

“Brokers who pass the examination will be eligible for a discount on full or associate NACFB membership.”

The single-module qualification is open for registrations this week, with learning materials expected to be available next March.

John Ford, head of commercial mortgages at The Business Mortgage Company, says: “Anything that boosts the professionalism of the industry is welcome but we await details of the syllabus before deciding on this certificate’s relevance.”