Goldsmith Williams celebrate 1000th online case instruction

Goldsmith Williams is celebrating the success of its online case instruction pilot schemes after receiving more than 1000th online case instructions.

The conveyancing firm receives online instructions via a variety of third party channels including mortgage management software. Working with mortgage companies, Goldsmith Williams helps companies to develop customised forms for intranets or extranets, allowing brokers to use the technology they are familiar with to submit cases.

Online instruction helps reduce effort, provides instant acknowledgement, reduces errors or duplications and allows better control over the data entered. Information required by Goldsmith Williams to act is received and acknowledged by the company quickly and the online instruction uses the same high security technology as banks.

David Cannell, information and communications technology director at Goldsmith Williams, says: “We were always confident online instruction would prove popular with firms looking to streamline their processes but we have reached our 1000th case much sooner than anticipated. We have been running pilot schemes with a number of mortgage companies for the past three months and they have proven to be very successful. It is clear that mortgage intermediaries are ready and eager to embrace useful technological advances within the mortgage industry.

“Goldsmith Williams is committed to using technology to make life easier for our introducers, their management and clients – everyone benefits.”