Coventry confirms committment to Coventry operations

Coventry has reassured the public that it plans to keep its administrative operations in Coventry.

Martin Ritchley, chief executive of the society, says: “We have no intention of outsourcing anything to India. Weve made significant investment into our customer service centre in Coventry over the last few years, aimed at providing our customers with first class service when they contact us.

“Our customer service team now totals nearly 250 people, who deal with over one million telephone calls each year. Transferring operations such as this to India may be an appropriate option for some of our competitors, but we feel this is not right for us or our customers.

“As a committed building society, we believe its sound commercial sense, as well as being our responsibility, to build our operations within the communities which have already brought us considerable success. In fact, we are currently recruiting customer service staff and would welcome applications from candidates looking for a career move.”