Cahoot offers more options on its mortgage range

From November 23 2005, Cahoot will offer more competitive rates and options on its mortgage range.

This includes changes to two-year tracker rates with no booking fee, a remortgage package offering free legal and valuation fees offered as an option on fixed, tracker and flexible mortgages.

Fixed and tracker mortgages have also been reduced.

John Goddard, managing director of Cahoot, says: “Our fixed and tracker mortgages now offer more attractive rates and weve also expanded the range by offering tracker mortgages with no fee.

“The remortgage package we have introduced offers borrowers who move their mortgage to cahoot the benefit of free valuation and legal fees, which is a big incentive.”

The flexible plus mortgage is still available at 4.95% and offers flexible features such as overpayments, underpayments and payment holidays.

It comes with an offset facility, which can reduce the amount of interest owed and help a borrower pay off their mortgage early.