Be creative with your marketing

With a bit of imagination, brokers can do their own marketing and generate their own leads at a fraction of the cost of going down the traditional routes, says Payam Azadi

There are many lead generation service providers out there, all looking to cater for the broker community. They range from advertising agencies to online lead generation companies. But what if you could generate your own leads?

There is nothing more effective than talking face-to-face to a potential client. For example, take exhibitions – the whole concept involves getting a group of providers in one place to make it easy for clients to choose between them.

Exhibitions have been a marketing staple for years. And they are still considered one of the best ways of directly marketing yourself as you can make an instant connection with clients. They are also a great way of building your database of leads.

Now cold calling is banned, exhibition marketing allows you to build a leads database in a relatively short space of time whilst still adhering to the rules.

Exhibiting at an event doesn’t have to be a costly affair. The local pub, a football match, a social club, a church meeting or anywhere there is a group of people can be used to let people know what you do. People forget that half the work in generating clients is letting them know you offer the service. Exhibitions are not necessarily about having a big stand in a hall. You can talk to any gathering of people at any event about their financial investments.

Take a local social gathering. All you will have to produce is a simple flyer to let people know about your services and how you may be able to help them with regard to a mortgage or insurance policy. All this flyer needs is a meeting time and contact details, along with the required risk warnings. You will be surprised how many people will be interested in your offering when you get the message out there.

Another way of generating leads is through sponsorship and advertising, but not necessarily in glossy magazines or newspapers.

I recently helped one of our brokerages with some marketing on a relatively simple concept that proved pretty successful. The local GP had a huge database of clients and was seeing an average of 50 to 70 of them every day. We decided to advertise on the back of the appointment cards with a simple message about mortgages. Bear in mind, due to the relatively long shelf life of the cards, we had to avoid rate driven advertising. By keeping it generic we managed to maximise the period of its usefulness.

The concept behind this was that most of the people visiting the doctor’s were of a certain age and constituted a steady stream of potential clients.

We advertised on the back of an item that had to be kept and looked at by the client until the appointment. It was cheap to produce and advertised the brand locally which generated awareness in the community. The broker told me a few months later the campaign had been successful and that it is hoping to use the concept at other local events.