Ask yourself some leading questions

While lead generation companies continue to have a less than wholesome image it can\'t be denied they are playing an increasingly important part in the mortgage industry. Savvy brokers consider all methods of securing new business and it\'s not just smaller intermediaries that find lead generation companies useful.

Since the Financial Services Authority banned cold calling on assuming responsibility for regulating the mortgage market, brokers have had to secure permission from customers to contact them. Even with existing client bases, this has proved to be fraught with difficulties and akin to walking a legislative tightrope. This is where lead generation companies can prove their worth.

For start-up companies, using lead generation companies is nigh on essential to build their business. Smaller brokers can also take advantage of the marketing and advertising facilities lead generation companies offer to raise their profiles. Companies such as IFA Promotion advertise in the national press – beyond the budget of many brokers.

Another reason intermediaries should keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to lead generation is the ever-increasing use of the internet. With more and more consumers using their home computers to research their mortgage options, a whole new batch of business is being missed if brokers don’t take advantage of this angle.

If brokers are wary of using third party organisations from a sector still outside the jurisdiction of the FSA, they should certainly think about ways of generating their own leads. Many intermediaries have their own websites but how many use them to their full capacity by attracting new business through them? By having a simple facility whereby interested consumers can leave their contact details and give permission to be contacted, brokers can generate new business.

Intermediaries who haven’t at least investigated lead generation companies should do so now, or risk being left behind.