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xit2 launches Home Energy Exchange

xit2 has launched the Home Energy Exchange to support the work of National Energy Services in delivering energy efficiency initiatives. NES is a trading subsidiary of the National Energy Foundation, an independent charity set up in 1988 to promote energy conservation and provide help to improve energy efficiency in residential buildings.

The Home Energy Exchange allows NES to efficiently manage the instruction process to their staff in the field and also provides a vital hub for surveyors to feed back survey results and file reports through the Internet based exchange.

Brian Scannell, managing director of NES, says: “Energy firms in the UK are subject to an energy efficiency commitment, which puts an obligation on these companies to help customers reduce their energy use. Firms are required to deliver a target level of savings and ensure that at least 50% of these savings benefit low-income households.

“We approached xit2 about four months ago in the hope that the technology they provide lenders and surveyors through the Valuation Exchange could be developed to support this important work. Not only were xit2 able to fast track the system build for us but it is now live and already an integral tool in our business process.”

Scannell adds:”Improving energy efficiency is critical to both national and internationalclimate change initiates. New legislation will have significant implications for the housing market and the home selling process. xit2 technology will play a vital role in ensuring that the home selling process will be supported in a practical and effective way.”

Simon Henson, chief executive of xit2, says: “We are pleased to have been able to develop the Home Energy Exchange to support NES. In addition to the current requirements the system will provide a platform for the imminent second phase of new European Union energy directives. NES play a central role in supporting companies such as British Gas who have launched their &#39here to HELP&#39 initiative to help get customers out of fuel poverty.

“Regulation may be the main focus for most in the mortgage industry at the moment but, with HIPs just around the corner the mortgage market will need to look very closely at the implications of the energy element of the overall pack. The Kyoto protocol on the emission of greenhouse gasses has been the driving force behind the EU directive, which gives some indication of the breadth and severity of the task ahead. Xit2 is delighted to be supporting NES and we look forward to a long-term working partnership.”


Mixed views from Royal London on Sandler price cap announcement

Royal London has welcomed the government&#39s changes to the price cap for Sandler products as evidence that it has been listening to the concerns of the long-term savings industry. However, the company has serious concerns that the outcome is a missed opportunity to encourage the distribution of products more widely to the original target market […]

CA granted formal &#39super-complaint&#39 status

The Consumers&#39 Association announced yesterday that it has been granted formal super-complaint status by the Department of Trade and Industry. Super-complainant powers will allow the Consumers&#39 Association to make formal complaints to a number of government regulators including the Office of Fair Trading about markets failing to work for consumers and where consumer detriment has […]

Accord launches US-style LIBOR tracker mortgage

Accord Mortgages has become one of only three UK organisations to launch a US-style LIBOR tracker rate mortgage. The two lenders who have previously launched such a deal into the market in this country are Skipton and Charcol. During the tracker period of October 1 2004 to September 30 2009 the interest rate applicable to […]

BuildStore nominated for two major awards

BuildStore has been shortlisted for two major awards at the National Business Awards for Scotland. BuildStore will make a presentation to the judges in July and the winners will be announced on September 9 at a gala ceremony at the Glasgow Hilton. Sponsors of the event include GNER, NTL Business and Scottish Power. Raymond Conner, […]

hastings logo

Case study – employee engagement platform centralises benefits for higher uptake

Learn how Hastings Academies Trust adopted an employee engagement platform to reinforce unity among new and veteran employees with bespoke branding and segmentation technology. Download the free case study to learn how you too can: Strategically use branding to unite a spread out workforce and reinforce key values among staff Target your message to the […]


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