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Northern Ireland price inflation is sustainable

House prices in Northern Ireland are growing at a modest and sustainable rate, compared with the breakneck rises seen in the rest of the UK.

Prices grew at a “steady but unspectacular” 8.6% in the 12 months to April according to the latest quarterly house price index from the University of Ulster, with the average property now costing £106,574.

Alan Bridle, economist at the Bank of Ireland, which helps produce the report, believes the figures are good news for the province.

He says: “Developments in the housing market on this side of the Irish Sea appear somewhat semi-detached from the frenzy in mainland Britain and we should take comfort from that.”

However, the situation is not as simple as the headline figures suggest with some areas still booming while others sag – and a buy-to-let market that is gradually running run out of steam.


CA granted formal &#39super-complaint&#39 status

The Consumers&#39 Association announced yesterday that it has been granted formal super-complaint status by the Department of Trade and Industry. Super-complainant powers will allow the Consumers&#39 Association to make formal complaints to a number of government regulators including the Office of Fair Trading about markets failing to work for consumers and where consumer detriment has […]

OFT&#39s credit advertising review must bring real changes, say Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have responded to the Office of Fair Trading&#39s review of credit advertising. Malcolm Bruce MP, Liberal Democrat shadow DTI secretary, says: “Banks and credit companies have already milked the British cash cow. A &#39wallet warning&#39 that some credit deals could seriously damage your wealth should have been demanded by the government. “The […]

MPLC stalls latest Von Daniken appeal bid

Samantha Von Daniken, the homeless mother of three forced to live in her Mercedes 230 after the house she was living in was repossessed by Mortgages PLC, claims the sub-prime lender adjourned her appeal on the repossession last week without her knowledge. Her appeal was due to take place on Friday June 18 at Norwich […]

Pink extends fixed rate end date on B2L product

Pink Home Loans has extended the fixed rate end date to September 1 2006 on the Pink Choices buy-to-let product. Pink Choices is a branded lending product funded by GMAC-RFC and offers arate of 5.99% fixed to September 1 2006 up to 75% LTV and 6.39% fixed to September 1 2006 up to 85% LTV. […]


Case study: administration — implementing a management log

Our client is a leading video game and publishing company best known for its console role-playing game franchises. The client provides a number of benefits, at varying levels and cost that attract a P11d liability. With the absence of a management log to track data for benefit movements, enormous administrative and therefore cost implications were occurring each year just to comply with P11d reporting requirements.


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