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I had an email the other day from the web designer for The Black & White Group, saying he was an avid reader of Mortgage Strategy (so he should be), especially the Internet Insite page, and inviting me to review the recently overhauled Black & White website. I was interested in having a look as I reviewed an earlier version back in July last year. So this week I thought I&#39d take a trip to Staffordshire to look at Black & White in Rugeley and Midland Mortgages and Platinum Mortgage Solutions in Tamworth.

If you want to recommend a broker website for me to review, email the website address to me at

The Black & White Group

This site doesn&#39t score as well as the site I reviewed last year. The homepage just doesn&#39t make you want to investigate further. It starts with B&W&#39s proposition, where the English could be better, and then you scroll down through a news service that is largely irrelevant, down through an &#39about us&#39 section, down through a bunch of short cuts which might be better if they mirrored the navibar long since out of sight, and down to links to articles by B&W staff. This sounds a good idea but the articles are too short to be anything more than basic – an &#39investment guide&#39 of only 300 words! Site navigation is messy and links to things like car dealers don&#39t add value. Pity, as there is good stuff if you can be bothered to look.

Platinum Mortgage Solutions

This is a broker-facing rather than a consumer-facing site though you can&#39t tell this from the homepage. Maybe it doesn&#39t have many casual visitors but it might be better to have the &#39professional intermediaries only&#39 disclaimer on the homepage rather than tucking it away at the bottom of the mortgage matrix. The homepage sets out the corporate mission – it could do with finding something other than the usual stuff about service – but also includes a calculator. No consumer site should be without a calculator but it takes a broker site to put it on the front page – extra points for that. But points off for not promoting the contact telephone number and online DIP facility – well, not prominently anyway – and for having a jumble of a &#39mortgage matrix&#39.

Midland Mortgages

“We worry about your mortgage” it says on the homepage as Midland Mortgages searches for something unique to say. In fact, it worries so much that it goes overboard on navigation with tabs across the top of the homepage, a menu down the left, information links on the right and more links in the middle. Many consumers will wonder where to start. Not me, I go straight for testimonials. “We have helped many people” – yes – “below are examples” – yes, yes – “page being updated” – oh no. Well at least there&#39s lots of information, with Midland&#39s own homebuyer guides as well as a feed from Moneysupermarket for product details. And the extensive glossary includes a correct definition of &#39mortgage&#39, which is unusual.

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