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Curriculum Vitae – Alastair Pate

Name: Alastair Pate

Age: 40

Company: Kensington Mortgage Company

Job title: Director of marketing and strategy

Where do you live?

Epping – the forest is only a hundred yards from my door. Visitors are regularly tested on their knowledge of trees Current Job: Concentrating on the commercial side of Kensington. On a typical day I will be looking at business volumes, product development, market conditions, advertising and, like many others at the moment, compliance and risk management.

What was your first job?

I financed my late teens by working as a bouncer at events from Motorhead concerts to hairdressing contests. I know which audience was more fearsome. My first real job was as a marketing trainee at NatWest, where I worked with Andy Wilgoss, now MD of Square Mile Mortgage Finance.

What was your last job?

In my melancholy moments I&#39m not sure if there will ever be a last job for my generation but before Kensington I was a financial services consultant.

What have you done in between?

I spent much of my career at NatWest doing a variety of jobs including marketing, product management and development, change management, strategy and business development. An advantage of a big firm is the range of experience you can gain.

What has been the defining point of your career?

The realisation that I prefer the pressure of making decisions to the pressure of trying to persuade other people to make decisions.

And the most embarrassing?

I have a real mental block with names so dread having to introduce people to each other at events. I find it best to come clean.

Do you have a mortgage?

Yes, although I&#39m trying to move house at the moment and I appear to be swinging between bridging to secure a new property and owning two properties – and now having sold mine more quickly than I expected maybe owning none! Helping other people move house is less stressful than doing it oneself.

What&#39s your favourite restaurant?

As most people with small children will tell you, anywhere where I can dine with my wife in peace. The Devonshire Arms in North Yorkshire is superb.

What&#39s the most you have spent on dinner for two?

I&#39m a fan of lunchtime deals. Most places have a £25 menu including Gordon Ramsay at Claridges. I went there wanting it to be average so I could moan about the hype but it was excellent.

What&#39s your favourite band?

As an old muso myself (see below) I like live music so anything with passion. In the car at the moment I have Robert Cray, Diana Krall, The Scissor Sisters, Elvis Costello and Los Lobos.

What&#39s your favourite tipple?

Malt whisky – Rosebank If I can get it. Sadly the distillery has been demolished.

Do you have any hobbies and interests?

Old cars and motorbikes and playing the blues with my band. An ideal Saturday would be a long bike ride followed by an evening playing sax in a pub.


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