IFAs should make use of people power


Having recently moved house, I naturally had to go through the process of contacting utility companies, banks, credit card and other service providers.

I must have spoken to people in half the countries around the world, having waited on hold for half an hour listening to Greensleeves, Robbie Williams or Vivaldi.

Many of the companies refuse to accept written notification.

Now before you say that I have graduated into the grumpy old men’s appreciation society, I make the point for a reason. My IFA was the only company that handled my call in what you would describe as a customer focused way.

No answerphones, no voice mail, no piped music, just a good old-fashioned human being who took down the details and in fact turned the call into a potential sale/update meeting.

This service aspect to IFAs and financial services companies in general is an opportunity, particularly for smaller companies looking for a way to differentiate themselves from mainstream competitors.

This is especially applicable to older clients enquiring about equity release, or any other product. Many older people can remember when phones were answered and people dealt with your query.

Companies will not only get a loyal customer they will also in many cases create an ambassador for their brand. That has real value to any business.