60 Seconds with…Tony Daykin

General manager Safe&Secure Insurance Services


Tony Daykin
General manager Safe&Secure Insurance Services

What is your role at Safe&Secure Insurance?
As general manager for the sales process I have to deliver an atmosphere where both the brokers and their customers enjoy dealing with Safe&Secure. Motivating the internal sales team to ensure we are converting brokers’ introduced leads into business income and speaking with our brokers regularly fills my days.

How has the past 12 months been for Safe&Secure?
Last year was tough for everyone and we found things no different. We focussed on improving our offering and positively increased our volumes by 400%. We are now a highly credible option for brokers who do not want to complete the paperwork, administration and compliance requirements required to sell general insurance but who still want to build income.

What are the biggest challenges facing the Intermediary in 2011?
Generating enough income to survive and increased regulation. Lenders will continue to keep criteria and LTVs tight which means brokers will have to continue diversifying to earn good income levels.

What Job would you be doing if you were not working in the Financial Services marketplace?
Professional cyclist – I raced competitively until I met my wife.

What New Year Resolutions have you made?
For every broker and customer to enjoy the sales experience we deliver at Safe&Secure. I would also like my team to be full of energy and mentally sharper so getting physically fit is crucial and delivered via a programme of three weekly gym sessions.

What was the last book you read?
Fish by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen. It has nothing to do with angling and basically sets out four fundamental principles that can improve our working lives – first being how we can choose the attitude we take into work each day.

Do you have any secret talents?
I used to race mountain bikes competitively and can still do one-handed wheelies and a 360 degree spin.

If you were in charge of the FSA for a day what would you do?
I would make the registration process to become an introducer appointed representative clearer and ensure all FSA staff fully understand the different responsibilities to ARs.

Interview by SAMUEL DALE