threesixty stages protection seminars

threesixty, the provider of support services to independent financial advisers, is staging a series of seminars over the next month on protection issues.

The next series of threesixtys key issues seminars will address how IFAs can select the right products for their clients from the vast range of choices available.

They will also examine the opportunities afforded by writing policies into trust in both the business protection and the new pension term assurance markets.

The seminars are being staged in association with Legal & General, which will run a workshop on mortgage protection, family income benefit, critical illness and whole of life policies.

L&G will explain how its underwriting department can assist IFAs and how its online protection system can help in sourcing an array of protection products from one application form.

The seminars are aimed at advisers who sell term or mortgage term products but who have yet to sell add-ons such as waivers, critical illness and terminal illness benefits.

It is unlikely they will have written the more complex protection products such as business protection and PTA.

The sessions are unsuitable for IFAs already operating in these markets, unless as a refresher. It will be assumed attendees are already familiar with basic term and mortgage term assurance.

David Ingram, a partner at threesixty, says: The protection market has, for a long time, been cluttered by an ever increasing number of providers offering a wide variety of products and services.

This has made the role of an IFA in this market a difficult one, both in terms of finding the correct product among so many, and in finding opportunities that retail supermarkets cannot exploit.

Entrance to the seminars is free to all IFAs.