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This government is venal and inept but the choice is poor

From Harry Katz

In view of the contents of his letter – all of which are valid – I’m amazed that Jim Gillespie was so polite (Mortgage Strategy August 7). Not only has Gordon Brown messed up pensions and final salary plans but unlike the rest of us, his government has also brazenly repudiated the Ombudsman’s findings. Does this mean we are now free to do the same?

As far as the new energy inspectors are concerned, who is going to be daft enough to sign up for a course? Is this not going to be more nonsense like stakeholder pensions – acres of text and loads of wasted time, the result being that few people take any notice?

It’s beyond me why the energy report can’t be incorporated into the standard valuation by surveyors. Perhaps that would be too easy.

But the depressing truth is that as venal and inept as this lot are, just look at the choice on offer. It’s rather like asking if you would prefer a dose of gonorrhea or syphilis.

Harry Katz
Norwest Consultants
By email


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