The Mortgage Mole

Pin up
Mole was left slack-jawed in unexpected admiration of Mortgage Strategy news editor Robert Thickett last week.

The man is re-nowned for his lack of coordination in the simplest of tasks. Sometimes he struggles to walk in a straight line when sober, so hopes weren’t high for his performance in the bowling alley at GE Life’s bowling event last week.

But it was a full moon on Monday and, like Moses parting the waters, pins collapsed left, right and centre in his wake. On two alleys simultaneously the King of the Pins hit home seven strikes in a row, racking up scores of 163 in each lane.

“He had no finesse, no style and my God it was boring to watch,” a miffed Simon Little, marketing and product manager at GE Life, told Mole.

Bright Sparks
Mole was glad to see the Strategy crew are not just pretty faces as Rebecca and Barney took first place in the Centaur quiz last week. The brain boxes managed to squeeze into top spot thanks to Barney’s super (yet sad) music knowledge, specifically who sang a song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sadly, star hack Natalie Martin was not as lucky, with her team coming in last place. “I just did the writing,” she later told Mole.

Hanging Out
Mole took to the skies last week for a charity abseil in aid of children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent. Chief whip Robyn Hall and news reporter Rebecca Atkinson (pictured squealing right) took their lives in their hands when they joined Platform at the Exchange Tower in Canary Wharf.

First-time abseiler
Hall showed how it was done and was first down the 17-floor tower, putting Spiderman to shame. Atkinson had no such luck. The damsel in distress found the whole experience too much and had a panic attack halfway down. Unable to get a foothold on the side of the building Atkinson was left hanging mid-air.

Paul Hunt, head of marketing at Platform, was left speechless on hearing Atkinson’s expletives. “I’ve never heard such bad language in my life,” said Hunt, who could hear the obscenities from ground level. Turn to pages 74 and 75 to see pictures from the day.

Loving Robbie
Mole discovered last week that one industry pundit has a worrying obsession with singer Robbie Williams.

“If Robbie ever turns gay I’d have a pop,” Em-financial’s Roger Morris confessed to Mole.

Having already bought tickets for his concert in October he can’t wait to see the legend in person.

Mole hopes he resists the urge to throw his pants at the man.