NatWest offers new buy-to-let deals

NatWest is marking 10 years of buy-to-let with a range of direct-to-consumer deals that include a 4.94% three-year tracker.

Guy Aldwinckle, head of NatWest Mortgages, says: “NatWest’s new
buy-to-let base rate tracker has a rate of just 4.94% (BR +0.19%) for three
years, making it one of the best deals on the market.

“People have become more financially aware over the last decade and property continues to be a popular choice for long-term investment and retirement planning; so NatWest has developed buy-to-let products to suit the changing profile of buy-to-let investors.”

The new NatWest 4.94% tracker deal is available with a minimum loan of
50,000 and has an arrangement fee of 699. The mortgage also has an annual 10% overpayment option. This overpayment can take the form of lump sums or regular overpayments.

NatWest Mortgage Services is also extending a helping hand to business
customers with a 5.14% buy to let tracker at BR +0.39% for two years,
followed by a long term base rate tracker of BR +1.10%. The deal also comes
with free valuation.

Aldwinckle adds: “NatWest has consistently offered strong buy-to-let mortgage products over the last ten years and this new range is no different. At 4.94% for three years this new base rate tracker makes owning a buy-to-let property a more affordable option for investors both old and new.”