MS can help us fight the battle for better servicing

From Toni Moss
Regarding Mike Culhane’s column in the July 31 issue of Mortgage Strategy I’d like to thank him for highlighting the importance of servicing and the need for improved performance.

Repositioning the servicing sector, whether it relates to inhouse servicing, prime or sub-prime lending, is an uphill battle – and one that I have been fighting in Europe for the past nine years.

Thankfully, servicing is finally getting the attention it deserves. The need for innovation and better technology in the servicing sector is desperate. Thus there is always room for more voices in the servicing choir.

That choir, led by EuroCatalyst, Fitch Ratings, HML, Morgan Stanley, Katten Muchin, CapMark, Standard & Poors, the Commercial Mortgage Securities Association, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the European Secu- ritisation Forum, Matt Gilmour and yours truly sings all year, every year.

This will culminate in another public performance at the EuropeServicing London show in May 2007.

Hopefully we’ll see Mike and Mortgage Strategy there. We can use all the help we can get. Visit for more information.

Toni Moss
EuroCatalyst BV
Oude Molen at Het Arsenaal
The Netherlands