Marathon Money

Duffy’s Dirty Dozen
Name: Mark Blackwell
Age: 41
Job title & company: Marketing director, Derbyshire
current weight: 12st 13lb
proposed running weight: 12st 7lb
previous marathon experience: Flora London Marathon 2004.
MARATHOn personal best time: 4:56.
expected NYC Time: 4:30.
dietary changes: No cake. Drinking less. Pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
target fundraising amount: 10,000.
why am i doing this? Isn’t there a party on the Sunday night? I said I’d do two marathons and then retire. I enjoy a challenge, the run and the fundraising. Also, I’ve got 6,000 songs on my iPod and am aim to have listened to every one by the time I finish training. On a serious note, this is the chance of a lifetime to make a difference and raise more than 10,000 for Rainbows Children’s Hospice. The Derbyshire has had a special relationship with Rainbows ever since it opened 12 years ago and I am delighted to be in a position to run for it. Rainbows is a place for living, where much fun and stimulation is provided to enrich the short lives of the children who visit.
who would i most like to run behind?
The person who doesn’t need any of the portaloos.

Name: Ian Morgan
Age: 38
Job title & company: Contract and accounts manager, Newcastle
current weight: 16st 7lb
proposed running weight: 15st

previous marathon experience: Marathon virgin.
Marathon personal best time: N/A.
expected NYC Time: 5:00.
dietary changes: Massive – no snacks or rubbish, no Diet Coke. Serious evaluation of my diet is underway – I have started eating green things and pasta.
target fundraising amount: 2,500.
why am i doing this?
When Angus MacNaughton mentioned the New York Marathon in December it seemed a lifetime away and when I eventually said yes he stopped ringing and asking if I was going to join the team. Seriously, as someone who had a skirmish with Hodgkins’ Disease a few years ago it is great to support Macmillan Cancer Relief. I was lucky with my prognosis and by doing this I feel I’m supporting the people who were there for me when I needed them. I hope to do my bit to help people who are trying to improve the lives of those living with cancer.
who would i most like to run behind? I will try to find a team from the St John Ambulance service to run behind, just in case.