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Lenders not held responsible for ID theft

Britons do not hold lenders or the police responsible for protecting people against ID theft, reveals research from online credit report service MyCallcredit.

It discovered more than seven out of 10 people think individuals bear the main responsibility for protecting themselves against ID theft whereas only one in 13 thinks it is the responsibility of the police.

One in five think it is the responsibility of the lenders.

And while seven out of 10 people say they are concerned about ID theft, seven out of 10 also say they know how to protect themselves.

However, only three in 10 could correctly identify that their likelihood of becoming a victim is one in 1000 the remainder surveyed drastically underestimated their risk, some by as much as 15 times.

Mel Mitchley, director of MyCallcredit, says: Its really encouraging that people think they know how to protect themselves from ID theft and believe they bear the main responsibility for doing so.

However, people do drastically underestimate the risk they will become a victim of ID theft so there is still a lot of work to do educating people of those risks and the tell tale signs that your identity might have been compromised.


Housing could win votes for Cameron

The housing market has always been a vote winner. You only have to think back to the days of MIRAS, the introduction of Right to Buy and Dame Shirley Porter to know how true that is. Little wonder then that Tory leader David Cameron wants to reinvent the Right to Buy market.

Labour hand-outs boost debt advice

The government last week revealed that it has given 120m to fund financial inclusion initiatives and 45m to fund more free face-to-face debt advice. With UK debt at an all-time high, the government has issued a report – the third of its kind – outlining what government actions and industry initiatives have been launched to […]

Labour must do more to help tenants

Some 26 years on, the Right to Buy scheme is a legacy of Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as Prime Minister, encouraging private home ownership among the public.

Consumers need skill to guard themselves against scams

From Simon Burgess It is becoming increasingly important to raise the bar of financial literacy and acumen, not only to help British consumers make the best of the financial markets but also to prevent them falling foul of the worst of them. Financial scams are nothing new but the internet now allows con artists to […]

Abe and Modi

India: Modi, reform and the oil price fall

Nearly 12 months since sweeping to power, prime minister Narendra Modi has overseen a significant turnaround in India, which is now on track to become one of the most pro-growth, pro-investment economies in Asia. While the market has rallied 48 per cent over the last year in response to Modi’s reform agenda, what is the potential for further progress?


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