In which country would you buy a holiday home and why?

Halifax Estate Agency says the number of holiday homes could double in the next five years. It also says the UK is the most popular country in which to have holiday homes. Almost 28% of Brits have their second properties in this country, with Spain being the second most popular location.

So this week Mortgage Strategy asks...

Jock Romgay, 37, accountant
I would go for the south-west of France. Prices have gone up there recently but that’s only because it was so cheap to begin with compared with the rest of the south of France. I’m not sure how I’d go about renting it out as I’m not 100% sure how the agency laws work over there. I would let it out short term for holidays for family and friends but I’m a little wary of rights of abode over there. I’d do the research here then go there and shop around. Obviously, finding someone over here to do the work would be good but no doubt that comes at a cost.

Ed Pierce, 26, engineer
Investment-wise I would go for Bulgaria as it’s cheap there at the moment. Croatia was the same but everyone jumped on the bandwagon so it’s expensive now. I wouldn’t particularly want to live in Bulgaria but would see it purely as an investment and a good place to make a profit. In Croatia prices have gone up four-fold and it seems Bulgarian prices will do the same soon.

Leon Slyfield, 26, builder
I’d buy in Mauritius mainly because it’s a good investment. Property is dirt cheap there although I’m not sure about the stability of the market. I would deal with an agent in Mauritius to sort out the details as it is probably much cheaper.

James McClain, 42, courier
I’d buy in Greece. I have a friend there who bought a holiday home and then decided to open a restaurant and it seems like a nice way of life. It’s also been a good investment for him. I also like the country so from a personal point of view I’d enjoy staying there.

Maddalena Tonti, 34, waitress
I’d buy a holiday home in Greece because I like the sea and the weather is good. The country would be my choice for a holiday home because of the sun, the food and culture. I am Italian and Greek food is similar to Italian food so not liking the food would not be a problem for me. It’s a great place to live and a great holiday destination.

Tomas Gasinski, 26, catering assistant
Spain or Romania would be the locations where I would buy a holiday home. The weather and style of living in Spain are good reasons to live there and I love the mountains in Romania. I see Romania as a good place to invest, especially when it joins the European Union next year.

Nadine Shafik, 22, waitress
I would buy a house in Fiji. I went there recently and it was the best holiday I’ve ever had. I love the people and the culture and if I bought a property there I know I’d not have any problems renting it out.

Matt Hawranak, 29, lawyer
I would buy in Spain mainly because of the beautiful beaches. And the south of Spain in particular has some amazing architecture. Sadly I can’t afford to buy a property now.

Erdal Ozdemir, 23, student
I’d buy in the south of France because of the climate and it’s cheaper than the UK. There is demand for holiday homes there and it would be a good long-term investment. Also, buying a property in Bulgaria or Hungary would be a good shorter term investment.p/>Marton Telegdy, 25, student
I’d buy in Spain. I’d use it in the summer and would not rent it out. Of course money is an issue, but if I could afford to buy it I wouldn’t have to worry about renting it out.