Genesis Sherwood recruits own ARs

Nottingham-based Genesis Sherwood, recently appointed by Genesis and Guaranteed Home Loans as one of five key account packager partners, has reported success in recruiting its own appointed representatives.

At the beginning of July, five network members, including Genesis Sherwood, were individually selected and invited to become KAPPs based on their ability and desire to develop their business within the GHL Group Network.

As part of this new and exclusive group, they were provided with access to a range features and benefits including the ability to recruit and ring fence their own ARs.

To assist them with this, all KAPPs were not only provided with extensive training on how to recruit new ARs, but also their own supply of sales literature and network application packs.

Using this new knowledge and background on both the GHL Group, as well as what its network proposition has to offer potential new members, Genesis Sherwood have successfully signed up four new AR firms in the first six weeks as a GHL Group KAPP.

Ian Winfield, director of Genesis Sherwood, says: We are naturally delighted to have signed up this many ARs so quickly, as this instantly provides us with tied distribution for the packaging side of our business.

Furthermore, the AR firms themselves will not only benefit from our own personal service and quality of care, but also from having access to wide a range of products and services, as well as the security that comes from being part of a large network like the GHL Group.

With the recruitment focused training we have received, combined with the solid proposition we are selling, we are confident that this is just the start of what we expect will be a significant period of growth for our company.

Further benefits of being a KAPP include the ability to package for all panel lenders where licence can be obtained, quarterly forums with GHL directors and lender representatives, and a full marketing support programme.

This encompasses a wide range of services including AR recruitment mailings, trade press exposure, database mailings as well as product based sales e-mails designed to generate new business enquiries.

Additionally, each KAPP is given the option of requesting the design and production of tailor-made sales literature, based on their own requirements.

John Smith, sales and marketing director for GHL Group, says: We are particularly pleased with what Genesis Sherwood has achieved so far, as this not only justifies our decision in selecting it as a KAPP, but also demonstrates what is possible with the right training and support.

All of the five firms have been provided with the potential to significantly expand their business by recruiting their own ARs, and thereby securing for themselves valuable distribution channels.

We are certain that very soon, all of the KAPPs will begin to see an upturn in their business levels as a direct result of recruiting new AR firms, and we remain focused on providing them with whatever they require to achieve this aim.