Em- revamps its sales structure

Em-financial says it won’t re-place director of sales Guy Garrard, who quit the company in July for personal reasons.

Instead, managing dir-ector Roger Morris will expand his responsibilities to include sales, with business development manager Paul Edwards taking over the everyday running of the function as head of the sales department.

The North-West-based packager is revamping its business strategy and sales process by investing heavily in technology and fo-cussing on its distribution role.

It believes the advance of technology will spell the death of packagers, underwriters, introducers, valuers and societies, unless they adapt.

Morris says there will always be a demand for intermediaries because of the demand for face-to-face advice.

But he adds: “Packagers need to scrap their packaging role and focus on distribution to prepare for the technological future.

“Lenders will become more automated with fewer underwriters and staff needed. Technology will replace people to make the process quicker.

“By restructuring, em- is striving towards faster decisions in principle and turnaround times, increased capacity and adding more value to introducers.”