Brokers forum launched

A new chat room and forum facility called 1BigTable has been launched, where brokers and IFA’s can share their views.

Whether brokers are part of a network and directly authorised, at they will be able to chat and communicate freely with one another to help their own business and potentially improve the level of service received by their clients.

1BigTable will also give feedback to lenders via its lender all round service league table voted for by brokers.

The core of the site is the live chat facility which will enable brokers to get advice and share experiences with every other member who is online. Brokers will be able to print their conversations with the date and time.

It will also provide links to every intermediary website with a key to what is available from these sites like KFIs, FULL APPS etc. Furthermore, brokers will have the facility to rate/vote for how good they feel the lenders all round service is and this in turn will then build into a league table for lenders.

This will give advisers the best chance to influence the level of service they should expect to receive from lenders and will act as both a great awareness tool for brokers and give vital feedback to lenders so that they can work with brokers in the intermediary market.

Members, in time, will also become part of the 1 Big Table broker league which will rank advisors according to how useful their answers were to the other members questions in the forums. This will build a brokers profile. This will also be a good indicator to the member asking the question of how reliable a piece of information is.

The site will be free of charge to use.

Marie O’Reilly, marketing manager at Accord Mortgages, says: Accord Mortgages is delighted to sponsor 1BigTable, it’s a great way to get brokers talking and sharing experience and best practise in the mortgage market.

“1BigTable really does make it easy for brokers to chat and offers all the services you’d expect from a discussion forum. As a lender that takes service seriously, we hope that intermediaries will make the most of the ratings league to tell lenders what they think. We wish 1BigTable every success.
So far we have had over a hundred members register for this new service.”