Advantage poaches star manager from Platform

Advantage has recruited Platform’s star key account manager Sara Green as its divisional packager manager in the South.

Green is widely credited with bringing in 40% of Platform’s packaged business and industry experts predict the firm will take some time to re- cover from her departure. She is also believed to have come at a great cost, with her salary at Platform rumoured to have been 45,000-plus, bumped up to over 100,000 in actual earnings with commission.

Green was previously approached by another major lender which was unable to afford her.

In April Advantage signed up Platform’s then head of sales Jeremy Duncombe, and last week Green and regional manager James Higgs elected to join him.

Just a few weeks ago Platform’s dynamic director of marketing Guy Batchelor defected to join Lehman Brothers as an executive director of its European Mortgage Capital business.

One industry source warns: “Now Guy has gone there’s nothing to stop competitors from raping and pillaging Platform.”

Keith Dearling, managing director of Advantage, confirms that Higgs and Green will join the lender in December as regional manager for the South and divisional packager manager in the South respectively.

Paul Hunt, head of marketing at Platform, says: “This is a sign of the regard people have for our team. They are beating down the door to join us and we continue to recruit and develop staff.”

Some industry experts say the two rising stars may not stay long with the new entrant. As part of his contract Batchelor is unable to contact Platform staff but now that Green and Higgs no longer work at Platform he would be able to take them with him to Lehmans.

Dearling insists both Green and Higgs are long-term recruits.