UNIFi adds Halifax to panel

UNIFi Partners has added Halifax to its unsecured loans portal.

Brokers will now have access to Halifax’s range of prime unsecured loans through UNIFi’s online portal.

UNIFi launched the portal last year and now has five lenders on its panel, the other four being Citi Financial, Black Horse Finance, Everyday Loans and Welcome Finance.

UNIFi’s portal features pre-populated forms and provides access to prime and sub-prime unsecured loans.

Patrick Bamford, managing director of UNIFi, says: “We are delighted to announce the addition of Halifax to our unsecured portal. This now means that brokers who use this system are able to provide unsecured loan solutions for all types of clients, whether they have a prime or sub-prime credit rating.

“The beauty of our system is that brokers need only key in information once and they then have access to all five of our panel lenders. Without this system, brokers would need to apply to each lender individually.”

He adds: “The addition of Halifax is a coup for us and widens our unsecured loan coverage. We are sure that conversion rates for applications will also increase dramatically with Halifax on board. The usage of the unsecured portal has doubled already and we are inviting members to contact us to try the system to see how it can benefit them and their clients.”