Rhyme Time

It’s great to see that despite the woes caused by the liquidity crisis, some industry professionals are trying to stay positive.

In fact, commercial specialist Crystal Mortgages has gone so far as to pen a charming ditty to entertain and inspire its customers

What’s this we hear of credit crunch?The press? They are a lovely bunch.
When residential times are bad,
There is no reason to be sad.
Do not let your biz expire,
Commercial clients are what you require.
We’ll do all the work for you,
See, there’s no reason to be blue.
There’s plenty of them still about,
We’ll back you up and give you clout.
If the deal can be done,
It is to us that you must come.

OK, it won’t be jostling with John Betjeman and William Blake for space in poetry collections but it certainly shows a typically British stiff upper lip attitude to the crisis engulfing the mortgage market.